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Weekly Update/Post #21- Free Probe Gift (assembly required)

Hello again fellow gamers and devs!

With the holiday season in full swing I decided to make a little gift for everyone. However, there is some assembly required.

I give you the FREE papercraft Mini Probe Arcade Coin Bank:

Probe Mini Papercraft Arcade Coin Bank

Just download/view the pdf template HERE, print it out (preferably on some kind of cardstock), cut it out and assemble it using scissors and some tape/glue!

If you don't own a copy of Probe just yet, you can use the arcade bank to save up that spare change until you have enough for the game (not to mention it looks cool). PLUS right now you only have to save up $0.49! Probe is on sale for the holiday season at 75% off! Already own it? Makes a great gift for a friend or family member that loves difficult retro arcade style games. https://store.steampowered.com/app/1275980/Probe/

If anyone is thinking of getting me anything, all I want is simply more Steam reviews for Probe if you haven't already....or more sales...preferably both...so tell your friends and family to check out the new demo. Would really make my day :)


Okay, enough shameless self promotion. I do have a quick update of unfortunate news for the development of my next game (TBA). My laptop last night, after 8 years, finally bit the dust and is unsalvageable. It is no more. RIP little buddy...you were loud and a bit slow but I appreciated you all the same *pours one out*. Unfortunately, this means I can no longer work on game development at work in my down time/breaks like I usually do to help speed along the development process. I'm going to try my best to crack down even more on my off days while at home to get as much done as I can so I can announce my next game sooner than later. Hopefully, after the holidays I'll be able to afford a new laptop to help speed up the development process. In the meantime, I'll still be posting different topics each week in my weekly posts. Next week I'd like to post a video and some screenshots showing off some previous personal projects I've done in both 2D and 3D but all depends on if I have the free time to record and edit a video on my off days. If not I'll at least have a gaming or game dev topic to discuss until I can get the video done. There is always plenty to talk about in this industry.

I hope everyone is doing well and having a good holiday season so far! Until next week, take care and stay safe!


Nathan Hicks

Nate Bit Games


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