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Weekly Update #8

Hello again fellow gamers and devs! Unfortunately, not a whole lot to report this week. Spent the week getting reacquainted at my day/night job as a DJ. We were finally allowed to reopen (Again) and was our first full work week back so updates on games will slow down a little bit. By the way I don't make or mix music, I just play it, in case anyone was thinking of trying to ask for music for anything.

I did, however, start writing some of the story for my next game (there's your first hint as to what kind of game it will be). Over the next couple days I have off work I will be working on the final Probe option tweaks and make a Probe Demo which both should, hopefully, be out within the next week or two as long as I don't run into any issues. When that is complete I will write up a post-mortem for Probe. I'll try and provide a specific date for when that will be in next weeks update.

Nathan Hicks

Nate Bit Games


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