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Weekly Update #5 - Probe Final Major Update

Hello again fellow gamers and devs! The final major update for Probe is Now Available! Added full scoring system and steam leaderboards to every level and for a total overall high score. I also updated the trailer/screenshots. Check it out and let me know what you think! :)

Get it now: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1275980/Probe/


Here is a scoring guide to help you learn how to rack up those points! Basically the faster you break blocks and the faster you complete a level, the higher your score will be. See if you can beat my scores ;) (Steam username is Coreavus)


This will be the final major update for Probe. I may still add some new levels somewhere down the road and possibly accompanied by new backgrounds but for now I am continuing to work on my next project that I will announce as soon as it's ready for reveal. May drop some hints on twitter or in my weekly updates so stay tuned. I am also working on a month long game jam with friends under my partner company Apostate Games so will be posting some previews and updates on that.


If you own and have played Probe please don't forget to leave a review (good or bad). Every bit of feedback helps me make this and other games better and helps other players to know if it's worth getting. Also if you flat out did not enjoy the game and can still get a refund, please do. I don't like charging people for something they didn't enjoy but please let me know what about it you didn't enjoy so I know for future updates/games. Thanks!


Nathan Hicks

Nate Bit Games


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