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Weekly Update #14

Hello again fellow gamers and devs!

Not a whole lot again to report this week but after Halloween I'll have much more time to work on game development. I did get started on trying to make the Probe leaderboard hi-scores download and compare to the local saves and only update/save with the highest scores of the two but ran into some issues. Little bit tougher to figure out than I intended. In the process I had to wipe my level one leaderboard high score because it was an impossible to achieve score and saved to the leaderboard. Most likely all my hi-scores will be erased in the process of figuring this out (under my steam account Coreavus). Once I know my score uploads/downloads are working on multiple computers and saves, as well as for a tester or two, than I can release the update. THEN I can submit the game to be removed as a false positive for malware and get the demo out.

Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween!

Nathan Hicks

Nate Bit games


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