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Weekly Update #10

Hello again fellow gamers and devs!

The minor Probe update is almost ready to go live. I added hotkeys to the in game levels for both keyboard and Xbox controllers to make the gameplay flow a bit better. Now you only have to press one button to retry or continue. The music also keeps playing when you retry a level now instead of switching songs. Unfortunately, with the fullscreen/windowed options I ran into too many issues with the Clickteam engine so that will not be in this update.

Once the update is live I will post an announcement. The Probe free demo should also be available shortly after that within a few days. I figured it's probably best to wait at least a few weeks after the demo is live to do the post mortem so I can have some better data for analysis. I still plan on writing these weekly updates just may be more along the lines of what I've learned in #gamedev in general or other general topics.

Nathan Hicks

Nate Bit Games


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