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Weekly Update #1

Updated: Aug 31, 2020

Hello gamers and devs!

I am trying to keep this blog up to date at the least once a week now with what I am working on. So, for this weeks update, I worked on implementing the score and leader board system in Probe. It is basically fully programmed and working with steam but not quite ready to show in terms of scores and design. I have gotten it to a state where I am now working with other players beta testing the scoring system to make sure it is both balanced and competitive. If I do reach a stand still on whether or not it's competitive/balanced enough I will post some more information to get feedback from devs or current and prospective players so please let me know what you think. Also taking into mind my previous Probe update post there have been some things I have changed slightly regarding the prospective scoring and leader boards system but could change back to the original ideas as well. More information will be posted soon. Aside from Probe I have also built on some of my ideas for my next 1 or 2 game titles I plan to work on which hopefully I can reveal soon as well. Still working on the game design documents. Anyway....Hope everyone is well! If there is anything you have to suggest for the scoring system in Probe that you would like to see, or even other types of games you'd like to see made, please let me know! Best Wishes...

Nathan Hicks

Nate Bit Games

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