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Weekly Post #30 - Series of Unfortunate Events

Hello again fellow gamers and devs! (Sorry this is late- forgot to publish it when I wrote it on Wednesday 2/17 so I edited it to include some other updates) Unfortunately, this won't be a usual weekly post - just a quick update. Was without power for first couple days of the winter storms that hit us, let alone semi-steady power. I live in Dallas where our whole states power grid was been up and down due to the harsh weather conditions that we aren't used to here in Texas...but we made it through. Was without power for 12 hours the first day it all hit (had been longer for others) and was off and on following days. Tried my best to take advantage of the free time I had to work on my next game when I could while still using limited power usage to help do my part of not putting as much stress on the grid. Was able to do some of the story writing from my phone mostly.

We only got about 5-10 inches of snow in places but a low of 2°F (which for us is very abnormal). Wave two of the 2021 Winterocalypse (for Texas at least) hit with another 3-6 inches of snow and ice Wednesday night (2/17) but power was luckily more stable by that point.

I was hoping to be able to make another regular post next week about board games and tabletops (things you can play without power) but that will have to wait for the following week. This past week has been fairly stressful. As soon as the winter storms passed I had to return to work and within the day my Grandmother, unfortunately, passed away so currently having to deal with that and family matters this next week. I wanna thank everyone for your patience in advance and understanding. I hope everyone is doing well and wishing everyone the best. I will make my next post as soon as I can. Take care.


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