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Probe Update Blog #1

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Since I released Probe back in April there have been many updates and fixes so I figured I would highlight them here briefly to bring the blog up to date so I can continue updates here when they happen. Things added and changed:

  • 15 tracks of music added as well as a FREE soundtrack DLC (Even for non-owners of Probe)

  • Updated Credits to be accessible from main menu and also to include music credits. Added links to my social media accounts in the credits as well as to the music composers site that required credit.

  • 10 new colorful space backgrounds I designed using public domain NASA images and Photoshop brushes with some heavy photo-manipulation. They cycle every 20 levels (10 are the same images but reversed to feel like more variety)

  • New enemy sprite designs. 3 new single shooters and 2 new multi-directional shooters (plus the original sprite designs)

  • Space Field in the play area now moves to make it feel like you are moving through space

  • Added multi-color visual FX for block hits and when anything destroyed to add more flair

  • Added 2 Keyboard only key binding configurations in the options/settings page that do not require the mouse to play. Default is still mouse and keyboard. Also allows you to switch to and from XBOX controller.

  • Added volume sliders for music and sound effects volume.

  • Updated Trailer and Screenshots to reflect all new additions

Here is the NEW trailer I made to show the new state of Probe:


Known Possible Controller Bug

There is one possible bug a player brought to my attention but I have had trouble duplicating. When you switch to one of the keyboard configurations and back to controller in game the base controls on the controller mapping gets changed. What I think is happening is when early players downloaded the game before I made these updates (or possibly in an update) I had checked a box in Steamworks settings that forced steam to map keyboard controls to a controller changing what controls I had programmed. If the game page in your library shows an option on the launch bar called "Controller Configuration" then this is most likely what is happening. I have since switched off this option for with recent updates but If you are still experiencing this issue you can try 1 of 2 things to see if it fixes it:

1) Uninstall and reinstall the game

2) There is a setting you can go manually turn off the steam controller mapping under the games properties. Switch it to "Forced Off" (see image below)

If this is a problem you have had and if this fixed it please let me know. If it is still an issue for any player I will investigate further and get a patch out ASAP.


Future Updates

I do have only a few updates left that I would like to do before I consider it fully complete. In retrospect I probably should have released in early access but really most of the updates have been aesthetic decisions and the gameplay itself hasn't changed. But here are some things I have planned to look forward to:

  • Scoring System - Each level I'd like to add high scores. Score will be based on how quickly you beat the level and how many lives are remaining upon completion. For example: At the start of the level blocks would be worth 10 points each and over time, while your probe is in play, blocks will be worth less and less points until they reach 1 point each and points are only rewarded when they break. Times your probe bounces will be an extra point each. Enemies would be worth 100-250 points (consistently). Each life remaining would be an extra 500 points upon completion of the level.

  • Steam Leaderboard - With adding high scores I could also add a leaderboard to give players a more competitive arcade experience. I believe there is a limit currently on how many leaderboards I can have on steam (will have to check) so I would not be able to do a leaderboard for EVERY level. Instead I was considering an overall high score of all your high scores added up from every level that would be ranked. This would also be easier to add to the game this way. (EDIT: Yes there will be a leaderboard for every level and overall score)

  • More Backgrounds - I'd still like to add at least another 10 backgrounds if I can find the time or ideas.

  • More Levels - If I decide to do more levels I will probably release 10-15 new ones at a time in periodic mini-updates. To be clear they would be FREE updates and not DLC's continuing from the last playable level.


Now you're all up to date and then some! I hope everyone is well during these tough times. I myself and unemployed...again...which means I'll have more time to spend on these updates and even start my next game. Currently I have been busy working on getting the official Nate Bit Games website up and running but will get to working on these final updates next. Hopefully should have another exciting update for everyone soon!

Nathan Hicks

Nate Bit Games

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