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N8Jam Game Results

Hello again fellow gamers and devs!

The results for the #n8jam are in!

FREE PIZZA placed 8th Overall AND for Fun! 5th for Innovation/Design! Out of 85 submissions! Quite pleased with the results considering there were a lot of great games in this jam. If you want to check all the other submissions as well as the others ranks here is a link to the itch game jam results page:


If you didn't get the chance to try out FREE PIZZA here is a link to that as well:


Was pleasantly surprised at the number of downloads and views it got (400 views - 133 downloads - currently) considering it exceeded the number of entries in the jam and ratings I received (22) which most likely means more than just jam participants also played the game and it even received a 5 star rating from a non-jam participant. It even had some impressions/clicks from the New and Popular section of itch.

I also got a lot of great feedback from the jam participants/other fellow devs. After all, that is what game jams are all about, honing your skills and learning how to improve as a dev. I also became aware of a few bugs that weren't game breaking and got some good design feedback from watching other jammers and even one of the hosts of the jam play and stream the game (as well as the other entries). Special thanks to Seth Funk and Wannibe Manisha (Game Jam Co-Host) for streaming and playing it! You can check out those videos below:

Seth Funk - (FREE PIZZA starts at 58:52)

Wannibe Manisha (Game Jam Host) - (FREE PIZZA starts at 2:40:00)

I will be doing a small update on the game at some point to fix some of the issues that currently exist and I may also continue to work on improving the game or adding new features in the future but it will still be a free game. I also really want to see if I can fix the audio issues with the html5 build so you can play it straight from your browser on itch or on my website once I make the game page for it which will probably be whenever I do the update/patch and/or get the html5 browser version working.

Thanks to everyone who played/rated and supported my game! It's always appreciated! If you got a game jam you recently submitted to or are currently working on please feel free to leave it in the comments and I will check it out and give you a proper rating/review (if voting is open to the public) OR tweet it to me on twitter @N8Bit_Games.


As for an update on everything else, I am starting to feel better and get some relief from my health issues finally. Still don't know what's causing it but at least for now I am feeling well enough to work on my other projects a bit more. Hope everyone else is doing well and if you haven't already subscribed please do so at the bottom of the page. Would mean a lot to me and help keep you up to date with my announcements about my new games as they develop included my free to play game jam games and my next big commercial title in the works. Thanks for your support and take care!


Nathan Hicks

Nate Bit Games officialnatebitgames@gmail.com


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