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Nate Bit Games
Based in Dallas, TX

Founding Date:
March 25th,2020


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Nate Bit Games is currently comprised of one solo developer, Nathan Hicks. I strive to make new unique indie gaming experiences with new twists and combinations of classic genres or by just trying to create something new all together. I enjoy the player community involvement in the development of my games and often take suggestions and make them a reality while still trying to be as innovative and balanced as possible. Right now I consider myself a game dev hobbyist but my goal is to continue to grow my skills and experiences and eventually be able to move into making even larger scope games full time in the near future.


Nate Bit Games was formed March 25th, 2020 in Dallas, TX by me, Nathan Hicks. I only consider developing my games as a hobby at the moment but hoping to turn it into a career in the near future to focus on larger projects. After many game jams and canceled team projects over the course of a few years I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my own solo. Over the holidays in 2019 I started working on a casual arcade game which became Probe. I worked a full time day job during early development until I was forced into unemployment by the COVID-19 economic shut downs. Out of work and with a good head start on the game I spent every waking moment working on Probe until it was ready for release. I decided I would self publish and that's when I came up with Nate Bit Games. Probe was my first official title released on April 14th.

I eventually went back to my day job until my place of employment shut down...again. Now, still unemployed, I only have a couple more big updates for Probe to do that I am working on. I have also started making design documents for a few titles that I would like to work on next and are of a bit larger scope. If all goes as planned I should be announcing my next title by fall 2020.





Nathan Hicks of Nate Bit Games

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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Nathan Hicks

Founder, Programmer, Designer, Artist, Writer