About Nate Bit Games

Hello! My name is Nathan Hicks. I was born in 1987 and live in Dallas, TX. Currently I solo develop every game from Nate Bit Games. Although I sometimes outsource for music and sound effects because that is not my strong point. Originally I pursued a degree in graphic design and traditional art in my college years and did many commissions in that time but didn't take my dream of independent game development seriously until more recently when the tools and self publishing became more readily available.

Nathan Hicks of Nate Bit Games

Games in general have always been a passion of mine all the way back to the Atari 2600 days when I was kid. I also constantly day dreamed in school about games I'd like to see made and still have notebooks full of ideas and crude sketches. Eventually in my early teens I discovered Click Team products for easy game making and made a lot of crappy games in my free time. In my college years and after I also began making detailed custom Dungeons & Dragons campaigns to play with my friends which was a blast. I even started to make a Minecraft adventure map that was well over scope in terms of time to solo develop. It was around that time I decided to abandon the adventure map and switch my focus to pursuing my dream of developing my own video games.

For about 4-5 years I began honing my dev skills. I participated in 5 game jams in that time including 3 Ludum Dare jams. Also during that time I completed one game contract. However, it was not a easy few years. I faced several stressful setbacks with most teams I joined/formed that had to cancel games, went through valuable but harsh learning experiences and to top it off I had extreme hardships in my personal life. Eventually I finally received a blessing in disguise...an opportunity to focus on finishing and releasing my own title. In March of 2020 Covid-19 shut down every possibility of work for me in the Dallas, TX area where I live (and is still being affected as I write this). Out of work and on unemployment I took advantage of the opportunity I was handed and really dug in to finishing a project I started over the 2019 holiday season...Probe. Every waking moment I was still unable to work I poured into it's development and even after it's release in April I continued to improve it with player feedback. That is when I founded Nate Bit Games. 

While this time has been tough for everyone and I do sincerely hope everyone is doing well and recovering, I am still very thankful I had the chance to finally experience and solo publish my first game. It was a necessary step to making more games in the future and has given me the confidence to continue making new and better games each time. I can only hope that Probe's release, as well as future releases, bring at least some shred of joy to anyone else facing hardships through these tough times or even a temporary escape.

If you have any questions or info you'd like to know about me to be put in this section just head over to the contact page. As long as it's appropriate and relevant I'll do my best to update them here regularly.